Awake - Britten House

A panorama of the bedroom of our Britten House set -- the home of our main character.  Since he was living in alternate realities charactarized by color selection, various of the set decoration items were changed out between the two realities.  This effect was enhanced in post production where one reality was given a green / cool cast and the other a red / warm cast.

Another view of the bedroom set

The kitchen of the Britten House.  The upstairs and downstairs were two separate sets on stage.  We frequently went to a house near the studio for exteriors and the sets were designed to resemble that house.  A nearby location was selected to facilitate scheduling, so that if need be we could shoot part of a day on stage and make a short move to shoot on location.  This sort of planning is vital in television where we need to shoot about 7 or 8 pages a day to complete the episode on schedule and cannot afford to spend a long time on a company move.

The bathoom of the master bedroom