The Event - Control Rooms


Seems like over half of our episodes had some sort of high-tech control room or surveillance room.  This one is a bunker crisis room at a military base where the President went to discuss the odd phenomenon of an airliner disappearing into a wormhole.



This one was, if memory serves, the control room of the radio telescope array for SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).  Our aliens used it to contact their home planet, sort of a high-tech "ET phone home"


This one was the control room for the alien's "portal", designed to bring the population of their doomed planet to earth.  All of the control rooms shown here were conversions from a set we Inherited from Heroes -- it was an elegant corporate office when we started with it.  At one point, it was to become Dempsey's corporate office (before it was decided that Dempsey's home base should be an old-world study) and we used it for a high-end apartment, too.