The Event -- Effects and Airplane in Desert


This was built onto a mansion location in Pasadena -- serving as Dempsey's Chateau in France.  The Dempsey Study set was revised to become the interior of this set.  One of the rooms was revised to match the interior of this & the set was pretty much burned to a crisp.


Late in the season we built an entire warehouse exterior to blow up.  The action leading up to the explosion was filmed outside one of the existing buildings seen in the background.  The new one was built to match and we cut to it maybe a few seconds before it blew sky high.


For the first double episode after the pilot, we bought a mothballed Boeing 767 and had it cut up and reassembled in the desert.  This is where the plane ended up after going into the wormhole in Florida.  This photo ws taken before our painters added the airline markings to match the plane in the pilot, which was all computer imaging.

The couple of photos below really don't have anything to do with Art Direction, but they sure are big explosions.  We had huge visual effects, stunts, and visual effects in almost every episode.