Gang Related Police Station

The bullpen of our Gang Task Force headquarters.  For the pilot this was shot on location at the control room of a busy container port in Long Beach, overlooking the ships and cranes.  The idea was that the unit was here to interdict smuggling.  We built our set to resemble the location.  The railings in the foregroud of the bottom picture surround the staircase that led to the War Room, below this in the two-level set.  JC Backings shot a custom backing for us, photographing from the roof of the pilot location building.

The War Room -- the stairs here leading directly up to the bullpen set

The War Room was very high-tech -- many large screen monitors displayed the information (mug shots, maps, crime-scene photos) that would have been put up on a white board in the olden days.  Photo shoots and other methods of providing visual materials became a major component of the Art Department work each episode.

The interrogation room of our waterfront police station was two shipping containers welded together, a jagged cut forming an arch in the middle of the room.  The approach to the room was through a corridor between stacked containers.  The conainers were set pieces and were on wheels.  Regularly we rolled them out on the lot to be used outside our motor pool loction (the truck dock of the Fox Mill).