Awake - Apartment Set Reconfigured

For several straight episodes we had a set that was continually reconfigured and repurposed.  It started as a modern apartment and went through several modifications and was seen in some form in episodes 105 through110.  Various elements changed between episodes -- a kitchenette added for one, removed for the next, an kitchen added in another place for the next and so forth.  In some versions it had several rooms, in others only one.  And of course windows and doors had to be reconfigured to match various exterior locations, and the sets were repainted and redecorated to provide a different look for each set.  This sort of repurposing and reconfiguration is common in television design, both to meet budget restrictions and the tight schedule. 

Finally for episode 111 the bones of it were used for the Francis' Lair set.  In addition to the looks seen here it also served as a murder victim's apartment, a witness's condo, and finally a sleazy aparment of a down and out drug addict.

Ferris Apartment -- EP 105
The first appearance of the set -- an apartment in a typical Los Angeles middle class apartment

The daughter's room in the Ferris Apartment

Roven's Apartmenmt -- EP 106
In this version it was the apartment of a petty criminal.

Koh's House -- EP 107
This was a house rather than an apartment -- that of a middle-class and middle-aged Korean couple who owned a Dry Cleaner store.