Awake - Francis' Lair

This was the "lair" of a hacker, who had a rag-tag crew working here.  But he's a good guy, helping our detective with a case.
This set was an example of how locations often inform designs of sets on stage.  The original concept for this set was that it was a disused store that our guy had set up in.  But we found a great location for the street entrance that was a ramp leading down to the basement of a large building, so we rethought this set, making it windowless, and with very low and heavy beams across the top. 
This was the end of the road for the apartment set.  After six different configurations we used the bones of it as the walls for this set.  Afterward, the walls were covered with heavy texture and artificial brick and the set had to be struck to make room for a motel room set.