Production Designer: Stuart Blatt

Main Dollhouse

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Click on image to see larger panorama

In the story, the Main Dollhouse is a secret area beneath an office building in Los Angeles.
In this spa-like environment, the "Dolls" are kept in mindless bliss (and great luxury) until imprinted for their next mission.

While in the spa the "Dolls" (officially known as "actives" fill their days with various activities.
This is the Art Therapy area.

The Massage area.

The doctor's office. The doctor is a young woman whose face was disfigured in
an attack by an "Active" gone haywire. She acts to a large extent as the conscience of
the Dollhouse, advocating for the well-being of the the actives and urging
that a certain proportion of their assignments be pro-bono.


Nate's Loft - Bar - Vault - Conspiracy Apt. - North Office
Musical - Sweatshop - Political Event - Talk Show - Kerrity Office - Swing Sets - Sketch & Visualization
Main Dollhouse - Sleep Chamber - Vault - Mansion Drawing Room
Lair - Chinese Restaurant - Sketch & Visualization
FAS Police Headquarters - Hotel Suite - Abandoned House
Jail - Priest's Office - Illustration & Visualization
Nurses Station - Lobby of Hospital - Bar in Bowling Alley
The Madness of Jane
Dr. Kornbluth's Office - Jane's Attic Office and Bedroom - Jane's Living Room
Pepper Dennis:
WEIE Newsroom - WEIE Studio - Pepper's Loft
Italian Consulate - ACoRN Awards - Fraternity House - City Hall - El Station - Election Headquarters
Point Pleasant:
Kramer House - Dance Marathon - Boyd's House - Police Station - Hospital Chapel - Sketches
W&H Lobby - Angel's Office - Fred's Lab - Witchy Woods - Operating Room - Professor Seidel's Lab - Ellis Island - Big Sewer
Meat Packing - Shajahn's Chamber - File Room - Boat

The Sheet Cake