Various Swing Sets
(the "Frankenset" framework)

One of the real challenges on Leverage was the extremely limited budget.
In order to work as efficently as possible we set up a framework for the season's swing sets.
This was essentially a grid of beams set up with a regular spacing, meaning most of the walls on the sets
would be the same size. We also developed a stock of beams and pilasters to match the size of the beams.
The bottoms of the beams were at 8 feet off the ground. I agonized over the decision, which was done partly
so we could use 8' material to cover flats. The low beams turned out to be excellent visually, too, as they gave
our sets something that all to few television swing sets have -- an overhead. This system allowed us to
not only do sets for less money that otherwise, but also made it possible to build larger sets than would
have been possible. The original idea was that this would be a reconfigurable office set, but we
acually ended up doing very few offices on it. In addition to the sets on this page, the conspiracy apartment
and vault were also done on this framework, as were a penthouse apartment, interrogation rooms,
hotel suite, various apartments, and many, many, others.

A police inspector's office in Kiev, Ukraine -- one of the few actual offices we did on the framework.

The evidence room of a FBI field office. Beyond the grating were three rows of shelves with plastic bins, which
created a very effective illusion of almost infinite depth. But the illusion went away when the work lights were turned off.
The director of photography had to light the stage wall to bring it back. This was a small, very inexpensive, but
very effective set.

We did several hospital sets....

This one is a patient room in a big urban hospital, with hallway and elevator outside.

In this one, our team set up a situation where the target of their scheme thought
he was in process of contracting a horrible disease.

This is a hallway outside an ER treatment room

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