Priest's Office

The set was the office of the priest - a former cop and a hero during the storm -
at an old formerly-grand inner-city church.

The hallway outside the priest's office.


The location we used for the church itself was a beautiful old historic church in major disrepair. There was another
Catholic church across the street and still another a few blocks away. We were told that the three churches
were built by and for three different nationality groups who at the time could and would not attend
church together. Now that this is no longer the case, there is no longer a need for so many churches.
However, this one is being slowly restored as an historical site. It was not damaged in the storm, but has
simply deteriorated over the years. In our story, the church had been damaged in the storm. We had a few
flashbacks to the church in its glory times. For this we did a little selective repainting and used carefully
limited camera angles.

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