Felony Action Squad Police Headquarters

The police station was a makeshift one, set up in a warehouse because the real police station had been destroyed in Katrina.
Since our stage was actually a warehouse, this meant we built a warehouse inside a warehouse.
Other than the posts, which had to be incorporated into the set, the set is entirely built --
no elements of the warehouse "stage" are part of the set. Even the columns are covered.
The actual building columns were covered with our own as-concrete columns.
In this view we see the holding cell "cage", an office left-over from the previous use as a warehouse,
and the office trailer used by the captain of the unit, which was sort of a SWAT-type unit.

This view shows the captain's trailer, with the row of warehouse windows behind, and the structure that
was used as an interrogation and observation room.

Another view, showing a ramp up to a loading door. Ramps and skylights were part of the location
warehouse used in the pilot. That location was not suitable for the series because the roof
leaked and it was about to be sold. As it turned out this warehouse was demolished
about the time we started filming.

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