Hospital Lobby

Reception desk in the hospital lobby.
The concept for the lobby was that it was part of a massive ultra-modern addition
which had been built onto the old hospital building.
The brick wall behind the desk was the original exterior wall of the hospital,
now part of the interior of the ultra-modern atrium.
The arches were the original doorways, now open to the marble-lined old lobby beyond.
The upper floors of the old building were added in CGI set extension.
The set was installed in the lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Sketch of the actual built part of the set.

Early concept illutration of set with CGI extension.


Photoshop illustration of hospital exterior.
The glass atrium with doors and adjacent similar structures are part of the
Los Angeles Convention Center. The brick building
and distant towers were to be CGI set extension.

NOTE: The Photoshop illustrations were not done by me --
They were done under my supervision, and that of
our Production Designer, Stuart Blatt.

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